Deputy Chair  Di ZHOU


Deputy Chair

Di Zhou, Professor, South China Sea Institution of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Science

She was granted bachelor in 1965 from the South China Industrial University and a PhD in 1984 from the Kansas University. Since 1985, she worked in marine geology and mathematical geology in the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology. She served as the vice director of the Institute and chairman of the Scientific Steering Committee of the Institute, council member of the International Association for Mathematical Geologists, secretary of the International Committee of Quantitative Stratigraphy, etc. Also she served as a member of the standing committee and a vice chairman of the Committee for Population, Resources, and Environment in the Guangdong Provincial Political Consultant Committee. In 2003-2005 she worked as one of the lead authors of Chapter 5, the IPCC Special Report “Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage”. In 2006 she organized the first CDM and CCS workshop in Guangdong Province. From 2009 to 2013 she led the first two research projects on CCS feasibility in Guangdong Province. Since 2014, she served as the vice chairwoman of the Consultant Committee of the UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre.  In April 2015, she was granted the “Award of Distinction” from the US DoE for her achievement in CCUS.