UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Center Finds Interests in Near Zero Emissions Technology

12th Dongguan international scientific and technological cooperation week opened in December 11th, 2015.

Chen Lan, Deputy General Manager of Guangdong Electric Power Design Institute and director of UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Center (hereinafter CCUS center), deputy secretary general of CCUS center Yang hui, the Deputy Technical Director of China Resources Power Zhu Heping, and Technical Director of CCUS center Dr. Li Jia attended the opening ceremony.

CCUS center exhibited the sand table model of China-America-UK integrated Million Tons CO2 capture project (GOCCUS), which shows one of the best GHG emission solutions in the world – Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage.

Dr. Li Jia explained the concept of near zero emission technology and the development & application prospect of CCUS to Wan Gang, the minister of Ministry of Science and Technology of China. Wan Gang highly appreciated the CCUS technology and treated it as the response to the vital speech “Work Together to Build a Win-Win, Equitable and Balanced Governance Mechanism on Climate Change” made by Chairman Xi Jingping in COP21, he also expected that there are more in-depth developments in low carbon emission technical field.

In the following 2 days, CCUS center will continue to exhibit the near zero emission technology and the results of the CCUS center’s research and industrial promotion project.