D06 - Provincial Policy Recommendation for CCUS Development

The PFP2 report for the ADB CCS Center for
Excellence (Guangdong) Project RDTA8714-D06

Provincial Policy Recommendation for CCUS Development

Heping Zhu1,Chunting Liu2Xi Liang2Muxin Liu2

1China Resource Power Group

2UK-China (Guangdong) CCUS Centre


Policy support is crucial fordemonstrating any emerging low-carbon technologies. This paper analyse CCUS legislation in different religions worldwide. Governments usually introduce macro and micro legislations including regulatory as well as incentive framework at the same time. What is urgent is the micro policy in difference aspects of CCUS chain, especially the Monitor, Report and Verification (MRV) sector. By considering domestic policy environment, this report provides a portfolio of policy mechanisms which suggested to developing the CCUS industryin Guangdong, especially Haifeng Carbon Capture Test Platform, and the powersector planned electricity quota priority policy is recommended to supportearly demonstration of CCUS projects in Guangdong.